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The greatest honor of this life...

will not be money or a big stage, or a newsworthy moment. It will be the smallest of gestures– a note, a smile, a hug – scattered along the path of doctoring.

Years of being a medical doctor and psychiatrist is bridged with years of writing as a therapeutic tool to support individuals in creating a peaceful, meaningful, and inspired life. It is with this intention that I offer my professional services to anyone looking to reflect on their own personal calling, and how to live out that calling with mindful, self-compassionate presence.

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Explore Mindfulness With Me

Personal Coaching

You may be seeking to understand who and where you are, make meaning of your relationships, redefine your career path, or simply find your spark again.


My role is to be an empathic mirror, strength-finder, question-asker, and believer on the path. Your role is to show up as you, just as you are, hopes, dreams, doubts, fears and all.

We will use several tools to help us live the questions and answers together:

: Reflective writing and journaling with individually designed prompts
: Creation of morning and nighttime rituals to support your well being
: Mindfulness and meditation practices
: 30 or 60-minute phone or Skype sessions for support when you need it most

: A healthy dose of compassion for yourself and others along the way


Dr. Vasa’s private practice provides a peaceful, professional environment where patients can seek a sense of comfort through the recovery process. Services include private psychotherapy, medication management, and are designed to meet the needs of those struggling with mental health, substance abuse and other compulsive behaviors.


Learn more about Psychiatry Services by contacting Dr. Vasa’s office at 949-612-3955.


Dr. Vasa is a passionate entrepreneur. She is an active co-founder of The Mental Health Collective, and InWord, a mindfulness and creativity practice that hosts retreats and workshops. She also consults with both UC Irvine Department of Family Medicine and Pediatrics as their Resident physician wellness consultant, and City of Hope National Medical Center as their Physician and Trainee Wellness Consultant.


Learn more about Wellness Consulting by contacting Dr. Vasa at

“Albeit in my personal practice, or my professional outlets, my all-encompassing intention is to share ideas related to mindfulness, compassion, and gratitude– all encompassed of what I learn from my own lived experience, motherhood and what my patients share with me.”

Monisha Vasa, M.D.

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