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Essay + Interview Coaching

Are you applying to medical school or residency?  


Fortunately or unfortunately, I have traversed years of medical education and training, and jumped through all of the prerequisite applications, essay writing, interviews--perhaps a process that you also are coming to intimately know.  It can be challenging to bring the right mix of self advocacy, self expression and creativity to the process.  


That is, how do you find the best way to add your true, authentic voice, alongside all of your past and future contributions, to your application and interview in a way that will separate you from other applicants?


If you are looking for honest, compassionate support for writing, editing, and interviewing specific to the medical school and residency application process, please reach out to me.  I have served on both medical school and residency admissions committees, and am passionate about helping trainees put their best foot forward both on the page, and through the interview stage.  I know the process can be challenging and stressful; sometimes, having a partner can make all the difference in how we hold up through the process, as well as in the final outcome.  


Please feel free to schedule a free twenty minute discovery call so that we can discuss your needs, and how I might be able to support you.  

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