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What If?

For the last few years on my blog, I have only posted on Mondays.  Posting on the same day of the week of course provides a certain consistency for me, and also allows my readers to know what to expect when.  Yesterday, my writing coach, the fabulous Jena Schwartz posted a seemingly innocent question:  What would happen if you occasionally posted more than once a week?  You know, just because you…felt like it?

Felt like it?

It was amazing the floodgates that opened within me at the idea.  I realized how, in so many ways, the structure of posting on Mondays kept my writing controlled.  I only had to find something to say once a week.  I could keep it small.  I didn’t have to put myself out there, or practice being courageous or brave, more than once per week.  I didn’t have to risk asking myself the hard questions, or perhaps the hardest question of all, which was this:

“What type of impact could I have if I wrote more often?”

Of course so many “what ifs” came quickly marching in.  What if you don’t have something to write about more than once a week?  What if you can’t find the time?  What if you dilute the quality of what you post?

And so on and so forth.

Or, what if…what if you could continue to create words that potentially touch people by writing straight from the heart, when the desire hit you…rather than trying to control this entire process of writing (and life).  What if you could truly trust that you will feel your way through your words (and life)? What if you could find yourself somewhere much grander than you could have ever imagined or planned?

What if?

So today, I am landing here on my blog on a Thursday afternoon, to say hello and challenge myself to take risks and practice bravery in small ways, just like I encourage all of my patients to do, and just like I encourage my children to do.  I am speaking what is on my heart and mind, which is to say that I am slowing down enough in this moment to listen.  I will hit “post” and the day will continue, somehow on a slightly different course because I took a moment to practice that which is difficult for me.

Thank you for walking alongside me on my journey, and wishing you a day of courage and listening too.

With gratitude, Monisha


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