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Flow Like Water

For today’s Mindful Monday post, I would like to share some thoughts about transition.  As Spring is in season, transition has been on my mind.  School years are gradually winding down to a close, students are graduating and moving forward, weather shifts, babies are born, and others pass on.  Transition, ironically, is constant.  We are all, in any given moment, becoming and dissolving.  Sometimes transition occurs in big quantum leaps, and sometimes the shifts are imperceptible…but always present, whether we are aware or not.

And despite how change is around and within us, always, it is one of the most difficult challenges we are faced with.  I find myself often desperately trying to keep things the same, wanting to grasp and hold on and cling.  I know this comes from a place of fear, and not knowing what we are stepping into.  Often it is the fear of losing grip, and knowing we can never experience this particular sweet moment again.  It is the fear of time marching on, and understanding viscerally that we cannot go back.

But my resistance to transition only makes something that is a fact of life, more difficult to bear.  These days, I am trying to befriend change, get to know change a little better.  Approaching change with curiosity, rather than aversion.  And my attitude becomes a little bit less brick wall, and a little bit more like the flow of water.  Floating with, rather than pushing against.  It is not easy, but an attempt to be a little more conscious.  A work in progress, actually.

So today and in the week ahead, I invite you to notice change in your life.  Without defining it as good or bad, is it possible to open up to change in a curious way?

Wishing you a peaceful week ahead.

With gratitude,



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