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All The Questions

Sometimes when the loudness around us has settled into a quiet lull, let’s ask each other all the questions that pulse deep within.

Like what stories visit you in your dreams, and what do you fear in the 4 am hour, when you are alone and still and the light of the moon falls across the sheets?

Like who would you be if self doubt and worry didn’t freeze the edges of your heart, and if you could only let the judgment of the crowds fade into nothing?

Like what songs would you sing while walking in the rain, head tilted towards the sky and arms wide open to catch every cloud falling into you?

Like what makes your heart ache and your tears fall and your soul soar, and what do you hope for with the fearless spirit of the child you once were?

Like how do you live the paradoxes of golden sunrises and city lights, towering mountains and quiet streams, that connect you to all that is greater than us?

Let’s ask each other all the questions, simply to sit with them together. And so we never have to wonder where we were all this time.


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