To you — Yes, you— I hope you take up some space in this world. With your body, your voice, your enormous bleeding heart— in the beautiful imperfect way that only you can. I hope you stay weird, and make mistakes, and get lost, and laugh way too loud, while you are out there being you. I will love you for all of your messiness, for simply trying to stay you— in a world that keeps trying to make you some smaller version of who you were always destined to be.


Salve: Words For The Journey

A compilation of poetry, prose, and journaling prompts written by psychiatrist and author Monisha Vasa, MD. Salve will take you on a deeply personal journey of mindfulness, self-compassion, and emotional well-being, and will occupy a permanent place on your nightstand. This will be the book you turn to day after day when in need of inspiration or solace in life's journey.

"For it is our cracks, The eroding edges of our soul, That keep us needing the salve of each other’s touch."

"I read this collection in the midst of the COVID19 pandemic - socially isolated and physically separated from many of our loved ones - this poem hits home. The rest of the poems are touching as well. Dr. Vasa is able to create beautiful imagery and emotion from a simple collection of words."
- Lora



Saying Thank You

I say thank you every day for our lungs that breathe life into us. What do you say thank you for? Saying Thank You is written by Dr. Monisha Vasa, a psychiatrist and writer who firmly believes in developing mental and emotional well being from a young age. Parents and children alike will enjoy reading this book together about the power of gratitude.


Saying Thank You will spark countless discussions about all that we have to be thankful for, long after the last page has been read.

"This book is a wonderful, easy read for children and families, with a meaningful & warm message. Sparked a great conversation for the whole family about gratitude and the I'm importance of being thankful for the simple things in life. It is clear the book was written with care, love and intention. Makes a perfect holiday or birthday gift. Would recommend for all kids and families!" - Shelby



My Dearest One

Embark on a deeply personal journey of shared connection and wellness with your child.

"Hands down our favorite children's book yet! It is an endearing story of a mothers unconditional love for her child. I love this book for so many reasons but mostly because it touches on the love you can experience while letting your little one thrive on their own, Monisha Vasa portrays a beautiful depiction of attachment and teaching your little one to know that you are always with them in spirit. A perfect book for any parent. Hoping to see much more from this incredible author!"

-Michelle Smith