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We could wait for a thousand days and nights, a lifetime really, to be given the green light. The sign that we are good enough to try, to shine, to be out there in the world. Showing up exactly as we are without lowering our voices or keeping ourselves small. We could wait for eternities to be perfect enough for the approval and love of others while slowly withering inside.

Who are these chosen ones who can grant the rest of us permission? Where do they live in their golden perfection?

Talk to me about your early morning hours when it is quiet and you can hear the breathing of your heart and the pulse of your breath. Tell me about that time when something greater spoke to you, and your body knew what was true. That only you can choose you.

Only you can open the cage door and allow yourself to peek out, survey the wide open scene, and discover the courage that has always lived in your bones. Only you can spread your wings and fly. Only you can choose how gracefully and boldly you soar.


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